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We have a passion for cbd......cannabidoil

the first time I heard the term "cbd oil" was years ago. I had gotten word of how it was helping people who were suffering from depression by alleviating symptoms associated with depression. my husband at the time suffered from depression and it piqued my interest.

then i learned that people with epilepsy had been experiencing relief from their symptoms by using cbd oil.

and then a friend told me how she was gifted a product that contained cbd oil which she used topically to ease her sore muscles. She talked about how nothing seemed to work better to ease her soreness and she was amazed!

when i had the opportunity to try this incredible sounding oil i took it! mainly BECAUSE i wanted to gift it to my husband at the time, for his depression. what i didn't know at the time is that i would develop such a deep appreciation for this oil. my life was about to change drastically starting with separation from my husband of 13 years, loss of my job of 12 years, loss of my home, having to move my children from their home/friends to a new place and new school, and also had a lawsuit filed against me by my own mother. All of this happened within months and it turned my life upside-down. 

i remember waking up from a fitful sleep, feeling like the walls were closing in on me. I remember feeling like I couldn't catch my breath. this was a level of anxiety and stress like i had never experienced before.

it was at this time that i recalled the cbd oil bottle sitting in a drawer. I tried it, 3 drops under the tongue, and the relief I experienced within the next 30 mins was NOTICEABLE! the best way i can describe it is that i felt the anxiety melt away. oh my gosh, relief!!! 

this is not to say i didn't still worry, it just eliminated the debilitating SYMPTOMS of this anxiety.

i had to learn more about this heavenly oil! I've been learning much more about the possible benefits of using the oil. It is truly amazing!


what is cbd?

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come view our products and visit often as new products will be coming. We have some exciting THINGS in the works, like a hair oil with cbd to STRENGTHEN hair strands, follicle & scalp!

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